Suzuki Violin

For student's age of three to eight, we recommend the Suzuki program.

Basic ideas of the Suzuki philosophy

  1. Children begin lessons at an early age and learn to play by ear
  2. At least one parent is involved by attending each lesson and practicing daily with the child at home
  3. Parents play the Suzuki recordings at home each day. Listening develops the ear and helps the child progress more easily
  4. Working in small steps with lots of repetition builds the child’s concentration as well as their ability
  5. Taking group classes in addition to private lessons, as well as attending concerts, help motivate the child
We love for you to come in and try.



We offer 18 weeks program for spring & Fall/winter semester and 7 weeks program for summer with parent.
Currently, We offer Violin, Viola, and Cello.
(We recommend students learn violin for several years before starting viola.)

VIOLIN / VIOLA / CELLO 30 min.           45 min.          60 min.         
Monthly $57.00 $79.00 $99.00
4 Lessons $228.00 $316.00 $396.00
Semester $51.30 $71.10 $89.10
18 Lessons $923.40 $1,279.80 $1,603.80


Weekly Group Class enrollment _ 45 min Class : $392.00 for 16 Weeks (Discount applied)
(  Non Suzuki students 16 weeks : $504.00 *Discount applied )

  • There are no group lessons during student’s first one year  ( for early attendance, students need teacher’s approval )
  • Group lesson schedule : TBA

* Two installment plan is available for semester enrollment.
* There is $50 of one time non-refundable registration fee each student.
* Additional 5% off for sibling enrollment ( Applied from 2nd child ) or 2nd instrument.
* Tuition will be prorated for late enrolled students