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Catholic University (BM)
Aaron Copland music school of Queens college (MM)
Aaron Copland music school of Queens college (PS)

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Eunhyang Choi will make you fall in love with classical music”, By bringing personal and fresh touch into the classical piano repertoire, including own compositions or innovative projects,Eunhyang Choi breaks the barriers and invites her audiences on an emotional journey.
Eunhyang Choi, a pianist of unparalleled virtuosity and technical mastery, embodies a creative spirit that continually explores new dimensions of musical expression. With her exceptional talent and refined music taste, she has redefined the boundaries of pianistic interpretation, setting new standards for piano literature.
Having graced prestigious stages worldwide, including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Eunhyang's performances captivate audiences with her poetic expression and unmatched control. Since 2022, Eunhyang Choi has embarked on a journey of musical exploration, participating in the prestigious Poland Virtuoso International Music Competition. Through this endeavor, she has expanded her artistic horizons across Europe, the United States, and her native South Korea, further solidifying her presence as a renowned musician.
Eunhyang Choi's musical journey began at the age of seven in Dae-gu, South Korea, where she laid the foundation for her artistic development. She later pursued her education at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, where she spent four transformative years before furthering her studies in New York. There, she had the fortune of encountering the eminent Russian pianist and pedagogue, Nina Lelchuk, with whom she established a fruitful professional collaboration in 2007. Guided by Lelchuk, Eunhyang mastered the Russian pianist school, rooted in Liszt's pupil Siloti and subsequent generations. This exclusive knowledge, connecting Beethoven to the present, sets her apart in the world of piano.
Eunhyang Choi holds a Bachelor's degree from South Korea, a Master's degree from New York City University, and is currently pursuing further studies at Mannes College of Music, The New School, under the tutelage of Maestro Jerome Rose. Her musical activities span across South Korea, Europe, and New York, where she has not only made her debut with the St. Petersburg Hermitage and conductor Mihail Shinkevich in 2004 but also performed with the Capella Orchestra in Rimsky Korsakov Museum and other renowned venues.
Her outstanding achievements include winning gold medals in prestigious competitions such as the Trinity International Music Competition, World Classical Music Awards, Global Genius International Music Competition, Global International Competition, North American International Competition, and Quebec International Competition. Additionally, she secured the first prize at the Grand Prize Virtuoso in Austria and received bronze medals at the Carles and Sofia International Piano Competition, as well as the Music and Stars Awards in Spain.
Passionate about expanding the reach of classical music, Eunhyang Choi actively engages in innovative projects. She was selected as a concert pianist by the Tiziano Rossetti International Academy in Lugano, Switzerland, and is a vital contributor to creative initiatives like the Seymo Virtual and Live Performance Project, as well as the Daegu Pianists Association in South Korea. While hailing from Korea, Eunhyang Choi's accomplishments as a successor to Russian pianism have garnered international recognition. She is frequently invited to judge competitions, perform in prestigious venues, and contribute to the global piano community.

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